Unicorn Mug Set (4 mugs - discount price) 15 oz Mug

  • $85.00

Why have ONE Unicorn mug when you can have them all? This set includes all 4 Unicorn mugs in our line as well as a sweet discount!

Mug 1: I am Fucking Fabulous

Mug 2: Always Be a Unicorn

Mug 3: Always be Yourself... 
            Unless you can be a Unicorn
            Then Always be a Unicorn

Mug 4: Reasons to Be a Unicorn Mug:
            *Awesome Horn
            *Stunning (no really, like STUNNING)
            *Poop Rainbows (bye bye smelly poo!)
            *Fart Glitter (Instant Craft resource right there)
            *Live Forever
            *Can Fly (Hello Paris...)

Yup, I'd rather be a Unicorn!

About our Mugs:

 We use the best sublimation inks and mugs available to ensure our mugs are created with superior quality. This allows a clear, sharp print that won’t peel or scratch off!

• Each mug is custom made to order
• Design unique to Lettered Glass
• Microwave and dishwasher safe (top rack, mild detergent)
• Design is permanently printed on BOTH side of the mug
• Large 15oz mug size
• Comfortable handle and grip for pleasurable drinking

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